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Gaia Greentech ventures into green technology

Gaia Greentech

We live in tumultuous times where global issues are growing in significance, causing hardship to many. Thankfully, technology has developed further and further to enable us to confront many of these issues. Of the many advancements made, crucial developments in manufacturing has allowed us to reduce the carbon footprint of producing goods as well as provide a sustainable means of production.

Established in 2020, Gaia Greentech is focused on biotechnology with an emphasis on green technology to create products that are more environmentally friendly. Our vision is to realise meaningful purpose in producing products that are safe for consumption and protecting the best interests of the people and the planet earth.

Through the use of science and technology, Gaia Greentech aims to tackle a variety of issues including finding a committed solution for global warming, promoting biodiversity and ensuring food security. We believe in the ‘3C’ goals – commitment for a solution for global warming, cost effectiveness in producing resin, and contributing to more options in biohybrid products. In achieving these goals, we strive for equality in human rights, equality in gender and diversity through good governance and building meaningful relationships between shareholders and management.

Our Capabilities

Gaia Greentech has an in-house research centre that currently explores the physical and mechanical testing of polymers. This process is a vital part of our product development and greatly influences our production processes. Amongst others, the equipment used are a Universal Testing Machine, Measuring Mixer, Twin-screw extruder, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Capillary Rheometer. This enables us to better understand the mechanical, thermal, optical and rheological behaviour of our polymers and thus introduce improved quality controls.

Our Developments

Our latest product development is the eJau Biohybrid Resin, which is a thermoplastic resin that contains renewable raw materials biologically sourced from plants. The bio-based content consists of more than 40% of the formulation. It exhibits reliable performance compared to traditional polymers and is suitable for various applications, such as injection moulding of containers and bottles, blow moulding of clothes hangers, cutlery and toys as well as film extrusion, particularly for ultra-light weight films with a thickness of approximately 5 µm and up to 25 µm. In addition, it has applications ranging from plastic carrier bags to horticultural products and even model making.

Other products that are in development include:

  • Biotic, where we delve into cultured meat technology and vaccine development,
  • Compost, as its name suggests, is a biodegradable resin that is used as a compostable material,
  • Reneu, a renewable energy source that involves water filtration and purification,
  • Greenery, where we develop organic food and contribute to the agriculture and forestry industry.

Our Future

The Malaysian government has initiated policies that encourage the use of eco-friendly products in the effort to move towards a more sustainable environment. The country is well equipped with advanced technology and technical expertise through all phases of the supply chain. Gaia Greentech is in an optimum position to lead forth these initiatives through our adoption of cutting edge research and development and setting industry standards.

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