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About Us

Gaia Greentech

Gaia Greentech was established in 2020 as part of a group of companies that value eco chain, a term that describes the use of technology and science to create products that are more environmentally-friendly. Our technology infrastructure concentrates on developing sustainable innovations for our community and mankind.

Our Vision

Realising meaningful purpose in producing products that are safe for consumption, which also protects the best interest of people and planet earth

Our Mission

To be a purpose-driven leader in producing safe and value-added products using sustainable approach for mankind.

Shared Value - T . R . I . M



We work together as a team based on mutual respect and dignity



We are committed to deliver outstanding performance and be proactive in achieving our vision



We are honest, professional and ethical in our dealing



We encourage each other to give 110% concentration during work & life to fulfill our grand ‘why’

Our Company Structure

Gaia Greentech is part of a group of companies committed to develop innovative products and provide outstanding services.

Gaia Plas Berhad
Brands & Products:
  • Gaia Pack: Plastic blow moulding manufacturing
  • Gaia Care: Packaging Solutions Provider (Trading)
  • Gaia Digital: Online Marketing
Gaia Greentech
Brands & Products:
  • eJau: BioHybrid resin
  • Biotic: Lab meat (future)
  • Compost: BioCompost resin (future)
  • Greenery: Tissue culture (future)
  • Reneu: Renewable energy (future)
Gaia Pebbles
Brands & Products:
  • Gaia Space: Event space
  • Maker Space: 3D printing &filament, plastic blow & injection moulding learner center
  • Pebbles Plus: 3D filament

Malaysia is well positioned to become a global bioplastics hub. The country is needed for bioplastic synthesis and is well equipped with advanced technology and technical expertise through all phases of the supply chain. Ideally located in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Malaysia has played an important role in international trade and has gained commercial prominence by linking seaborne trade routes between the Indian Ocean and East Asia. Furthermore, favourable policies have been formulated by the government to fuel growth in this sector. All of these factors highlighted Malaysia’s readiness to emerge as a global bioplastic hub.

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